The Efficiency Race in Italy

The Efficiency Race is inspired by a similar race in the United States, called CAFE 400 (Contest Aircraft in Fuel Efficiency).

Since 2006 it has been organized in Italy by the CAP (Club Aviazione Popolare) that this year has delegated the race organization to the CAP Piedmont, who in turn has chosen to make use of Aero Club Castelnuovo Don Bosco for the logistic management of the initiative.

The race aims to raise awareness among pilots on the theme of the best fuel efficiency in terms of kilometers flown and rewards the pilot who is able to perform the most “efficient” flight, using at best the engine power of its aircraft to cover a route which will be timed and from which the relative fuel consumption will be calculated using the formula V x Km / L x Payload.

The wise management of his vehicle and his best behavior are decisive parameters for the victory.

The Efficiency Race is a competition open to all aircraft

Different categories of aircraft will be set up in order to involve as many aircraft as possible, and to give the opportunity to each pilot to participate in the competition and to compete for the most efficient pilot/aircraft coupled.