FlytoItaly 2020 – 1-8 August

Thursday, August 6 we will welcome the PILOTI DI CLASSE for one of the stages of the #FlytoItaly2020, a 3400 km tour from the Alps to Sicily in flight, to promote #aviotourism, facilities, aviation companies and to make culture, promotion and aeronautical dissemination. Starting from 15:30 our members will coordinate, in flight and on the ground, the group of 21 ultralight aircraft that will visit the aeronautical company ICP Srl to visit the production plant.

14° I.C.P. meeting

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12° International I.C.P. Meeting

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10-11 September 2016


We are already mobilizing to organize the 12° edition of the INTERNATIONAL I.C.P. MEETING

This year many initiatives and news!

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